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Terms and Conditions
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  1. Shipper automatically straight agree the standard conditions and terms of responsiblity, which made by GE, if shipment of parcel or document have been done although the confirmation of agreement have not been signed.
  2. We will deliver invoice on early month or twice a month, and payment can be done by cash, cheque / Clearing Account or Transfer.
  3. We will not be subjected to any cost for payment, which is done via bank. We will only receive the full amount that we dun to you.
  4. Term of payment is 7 days after receipt of invoice.
  5. Addressing for each shipment must be completed and cleared with English standard and has to be along with telephone numbers or facsimile.
  6. Shipment address that using P.O. BOX must be completed with telephone numbers or facsimile.
  7. Shipment of small package has to be a complished with Commercial Invoice while for Heavy Weight shipment must be accomplished not just with Commercial Invoice but also with Packing List.
  8. Confirmation of Agreement that has end must be extended and compromised to our Executive Sales.
  9. Shipment of document, which classified on category of Business Card that will be charged sample prices such as : Cataloque, Brochures, Photos, Christmas Card, and other sort of it, may have to be confirm previously to our Customer Service.
  10. Every shipment of Document and Parcel has to be repacked as rules or it has to be packed by following our terms and condition, while the sample has to be measured the volumetric and the weight although the sample have been wrapped with flyer or paper.
Term and Condition of responsibility for every delivery through GE Courier and Cargo :
    • Claim of damages should be informed in 3 days since the date of shipment receipt by consignee with prove attached such as photos.Consignee should contact the agent who do the delivery asap after discover that there was damages happen to the shipment so the agent could give the respond immediately and make sure that the claim can be prosessed or not.
    • If the fault comes from our company, the replacement will be FREE of CHARGES, but the first delivery charges have to be paid. 
  2. LOST
    If the fault comes from our company, then we will gonna replace it suitable with the Standard Contract of Carriage maximum US$ 100.00 or appropriate with the value from Commercial Invoice

    If there is value of Commercial Invoice more then US$ 100.00, and you would like to insurance the shipment through GE, please write down your insurance premium on the Insurance Column on the GE Airwaybill.  The insurance charges as below :
    Commercial Value Insurance Charges
    < US$ 100.00 FREE of CHARGE
    US$ 100.00-US$ 1,000.00US US$ 50.00
    > US$ 1,000.00 5% of Values
    Insurance charges will be added to your delivery fee. We strongly advice customer to insure the shipment by themselves to their trusted insurance company
    If the fault comes from our company during more then 10 (ten) workdays late, the shipment fee will be had discount 5%
    Example of delay that is not our responsibility :
    • Public Holiday. 
    • Week End. 
    • Custom Process. 
    • Bad Address. 
    • Consignee Move. 
    • Consignee not available. 
    • Hold for payment duty and tax. 
    • A processing assistant document from consignee. 
    • Out of service area. 
    • Force Major. 
    All loss that been caused by damage, lost or delay that result detriment at a shipper, we are only be responsible as point in above. The other such as losing business, trust, materials, etc is out of our responsibility.

    Proof of Delivery (POD) Report or recapitulation will be sent to you monthly basis or every shipment if needed

  6. TAX
    Every shipment through GE will be subjected to 1% local VAT.
* Please contact our customer service department or your sales representative to obtain the hard copy of this Terms and Conditions.

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